Jeni Chastain Powell

Jeni has spent her entire adulthood working with the written word. She earned a BS in English with a minor in Business, a MS in Education, and an EdS in Administration. She has spent the last fifteen years teaching writing at the middle school level, coordinating a college awareness program, writing curriculum and professional development plans, writing grants, and writing education-based blogs for district and state education websites.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Jeni worked in the legal field as a paralegal where she wrote and edited professional correspondence, trial documents and exhibits, medical research, and legal research. In this role, she became known as the office's "go to expert" for precisely written deposition summaries, in depth medical record analysis, and subrogation communication. She spent her volunteer time serving as a Court Appointed Advocate serving children who were in need of permanent placement.

As a divorced mother of two, Jeni has spent years studying child rearing, educational opportunities, and learning how to independently manage personal finance and run a household. As necessity breeds ingenuity, she has completed dozens of DIY projects and has learned many tricks to ease the challenges of parenting and money management.

Jeni understands the need for concise, engaging, and professional content that maintains the reader's interest. She has the ability to adjust her tone and personality to attract the intended audience. She enjoys the challenge of developing quality work that pleases her clients and leaves readers wanting more. Informational writing is her strong suit.

Expertise Editing, Essays, Blog posts, Website content, Product description, Summary/Analysis

Skills Education, Marketing, Legal, Parenting, Construction, Design, Children's advocation, College awareness, Organization, Personal Finance, DIY, Travel, Athletics

Location South Carolina and Tennessee